Bright & Savage Design – By Hommés Studio & ACH Collection

Bright & Savage seems like an unusual word combination, however, if you mixed them together,amazing things can happen, mostly when it comes to interior design!
That was the reason why Bright and Savage Design was born, a quiet and bold corner that hassuccessfully combined several styles, textures, and patterns.

Bright Design means color, means gold details, and mirrors unique aesthetics. This is exactly whatthis corner set wants to tell! Once you have color, you have personality, once there’s gold andmarble, there’s elegance.

Orgue Floor Lamp is the first one and this piece must have its place as an elegant floor lamp,perfectly designed for this set. It is possible to see how Martinez Wall Mirror makes all thedifference in this design set, the wall looks much more complete and distinct.

Ajui Armchair means comfort and this interior design piece is the perfect accent to any livingproject! A curious thing about Ajui is that he is an artsy interpretation of a cactus and a swivelbase, which makes this armchair a unique design piece.