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Astonishing dining room ideas and luxury products that inspire conversations are all elements that make an alluring dining decor. From traditional design concepts to ones that turn every notion on its head, the goal is to create a beautiful dining area that feels organic.


A perfect match between the Metamorphosis table, Nº11 chairs, and Venice mirror, for a dramatic dining room idea.

The dining and kitchen area boasts ample rooms, making them the optimal places for gathering loved ones. Ideal for big events, the Pietra Nero Marquina Marble Dining Table seats 8 guests making it the centre of celebrations. Lighting up the entire ambience, the Botti Suspension Lamp gives the perfect subject of conversation during festive occasions.

At the head of the contemporary design piece, the Marco dining chair by Essential Home takes the leading spot at the table, alongside the set of 6 Soleil Green Velvet dining chairs.

A dark-green dining room idea filled with exclusive designs pieces, luxury elements, and gorgeous details. How impressive is this dining room idea?

Starting with the complex finishes of the Soleil dining chairs, which feature handmade gold lions of its back, and the elegance of the bespoke Empire Round Dining Table, both these pieces enhance the majesty that is the Oblong Cabinet, creating the perfect mix between delicate and imposing inspirations.

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The unique dining table, as the major element in the space, has a commanding presence, yet the white lacquer allows it to fit in seamlessly with the mood board. Because a daring customer requires an audacious piece of lighting, the lighting fixture, with its metallic glitter, flows with the ceiling.

This dining room idea has a very French taste, with classic and antique-looking objects ranging from baroque to rococo, notably from the Louis XV period. The natural theme continues on the walls with a piece of fresh modern cloth that pairs wonderfully with the antique-looking No11 chairs by Boca do Lobo.

For a luxurious dining room idea to be complete, you need luxurious lighting, and this lighting fixture is one of those statement pieces that will undoubtedly stand out due to its breathtaking design, not only is it possible to get amazing lighting that highlights your entire dining room idea design but also a sense of glamour that cannot be overlooked.

A grand dining room idea where the suspension light makes quite an amazing statement with its powerful character as well as brass and crystal glass embellishments.

The walls of this Mont Blanc dining area have a roughed aspect due to the use of a schist, which contrasts beautifully with the oak flooring. This setting is further improved with dining chairs that take elegance and comfort to a whole new level, with grey leather and velvet encasings and polished brass embellishments.

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Sideboards GIF Boca do Lobo

A Parisian apartment, inspired by the city of lights. Perfect for night and day, sophisticated and elegant, decorated with timeless pieces across decades.

The Fortuna Dining Table takes the central place in this hyper luxury interior graced by its golden touches. Charming view from a millionaire penthouse.

Sometimes, the only thing needed is a strong two colour combination. Cream and gold are the main inspirations behind this glamorous dining room idea. If a class is what you are looking for, then this cream and gold classic is going to leave a lasting impression.

Dining tables are synonymous with celebration. With a strong structure made of brass, wood and marble and a rectangular glass top, this modern dining table is ideal for dining rooms, meeting rooms and offices.

We all know chandeliers are like lighting jewels and that’s how we like to perceive them in any interior design. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Shard London Bridge building, this Suspension Lamp is an iconic, unique lighting fixture with a strong presence and character.

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Supernova Sconces Boca do Lobo

This modern dining room idea features wooden and velvet dining chairs with a stunning dark marble dining table.

This modern dining chair is a fantastic piece that represents the true beauty of craftsmanship.

This modern dining area features eclectic furniture designs.

Luxurious and modern, this dining room sets the tone for the rest of the contemporary home.

This dining room idea is inspiring and luxurious to a whole other level.

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L´Chandelier Boca do Lobo

Modern dining space with earth tones and natural influences.

Cosy and elegant dining area with luxury furniture design.

Sophisticated dining room with an imposing lighting fixture.

An elegant dining area with a big and modern dining table design.

Luxurious dining room with a bright atmosphere.

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Dining Tables GIF Boca do Lobo

This white modern dining room features furniture pieces that enhance the atmosphere.

A glamorous sideboard that complements this stunning dining room idea.

At night, you can really see the use of the lighting pieces that are both functional and expertly made to be beautiful in any setting.

Neutral dining furniture really stands out with its velvet and brass design.

This dining room is a real modern dream come true.


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