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Astonishing dining room ideas and luxury products that inspire conversations are all elements that make an alluring dining decor. From traditional design concepts to ones that turn every notion on its head, the goal is to create a beautiful dining area that feels organic.


A perfect match between the Metamorphosis table, Nº11 chairs, and Venice mirror, for a dramatic dining room idea.

The dining and kitchen area boasts ample rooms, making them the optimal places for gathering loved ones. Ideal for big events, the Pietra Nero Marquina Marble Dining Table seats 8 guests making it the centre of celebrations. Lighting up the entire ambience, the Botti Suspension Lamp gives the perfect subject of conversation during festive occasions.

At the head of the contemporary design piece, the Marco dining chair by Essential Home takes the leading spot at the table, alongside the set of 6 Soleil Green Velvet dining chairs.

A dark-green dining room idea filled with exclusive designs pieces, luxury elements, and gorgeous details. How impressive is this dining room idea?

Starting with the complex finishes of the Soleil dining chairs, which feature handmade gold lions of its back, and the elegance of the bespoke Empire Round Dining Table, both these pieces enhance the majesty that is the Oblong Cabinet, creating the perfect mix between delicate and imposing inspirations.

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The unique dining table, as the major element in the space, has a commanding presence, yet the white lacquer allows it to fit in seamlessly with the mood board. Because a daring customer requires an audacious piece of lighting, the lighting fixture, with its metallic glitter, flows with the ceiling.

This dining room idea has a very French taste, with classic and antique-looking objects ranging from baroque to rococo, notably from the Louis XV period. The natural theme continues on the walls with a piece of fresh modern cloth that pairs wonderfully with the antique-looking No11 chairs by Boca do Lobo.

For a luxurious dining room idea to be complete, you need luxurious lighting, and this lighting fixture is one of those statement pieces that will undoubtedly stand out due to its breathtaking design, not only is it possible to get amazing lighting that highlights your entire dining room idea design but also a sense of glamour that cannot be overlooked.

A grand dining room idea where the suspension light makes quite an amazing statement with its powerful character as well as brass and crystal glass embellishments.

The walls of this Mont Blanc dining area have a roughed aspect due to the use of a schist, which contrasts beautifully with the oak flooring. This setting is further improved with dining chairs that take elegance and comfort to a whole new level, with grey leather and velvet encasings and polished brass embellishments.

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Sideboards GIF Boca do Lobo

A Parisian apartment, inspired by the city of lights. Perfect for night and day, sophisticated and elegant, decorated with timeless pieces across decades.

The Fortuna Dining Table takes the central place in this hyper luxury interior graced by its golden touches. Charming view from a millionaire penthouse.

Sometimes, the only thing needed is a strong two colour combination. Cream and gold are the main inspirations behind this glamorous dining room idea. If a class is what you are looking for, then this cream and gold classic is going to leave a lasting impression.

Dining tables are synonymous with celebration. With a strong structure made of brass, wood and marble and a rectangular glass top, this modern dining table is ideal for dining rooms, meeting rooms and offices.

We all know chandeliers are like lighting jewels and that’s how we like to perceive them in any interior design. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Shard London Bridge building, this Suspension Lamp is an iconic, unique lighting fixture with a strong presence and character.

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Supernova Sconces Boca do Lobo

This modern dining room idea features wooden and velvet dining chairs with a stunning dark marble dining table.

This modern dining chair is a fantastic piece that represents the true beauty of craftsmanship.

This modern dining area features eclectic furniture designs.

Luxurious and modern, this dining room sets the tone for the rest of the contemporary home.

This dining room idea is inspiring and luxurious to a whole other level.

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L´Chandelier Boca do Lobo

Modern dining space with earth tones and natural influences.

Cosy and elegant dining area with luxury furniture design.

Sophisticated dining room with an imposing lighting fixture.

An elegant dining area with a big and modern dining table design.

Luxurious dining room with a bright atmosphere.

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Dining Tables GIF Boca do Lobo

This white modern dining room features furniture pieces that enhance the atmosphere.

A glamorous sideboard that complements this stunning dining room idea.

At night, you can really see the use of the lighting pieces that are both functional and expertly made to be beautiful in any setting.

Neutral dining furniture really stands out with its velvet and brass design.

This dining room is a real modern dream come true.


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Live a movie Christmas with Denon sound bars

Thinking of a good gift for movie and sound lovers in a big way? Whatever the size of your television, the style of your home or your preferences, this Christmas will sound better than ever thanks to the different sound bars proposed by the firm.

November 2021.- Denon, a leading European company in the manufacture of high-quality audio components, has in its catalog the perfect home theater solutions to give or treat yourself to the best sound during the upcoming parties: Home Sound Bar 550, DHT S-216 and DHT-316.

Denon Home Sound Bar 550

At only 65 cm wide, this compact and high-performance bar stands out for integrating advanced acoustic hardware, digital signal processing tuned by experts and premium drivers, everything that a lover of good sound needs in his home, being able to enjoy a excellent 3D surround sound. In this sense, it offers Dolby Atmos and DTS: X 3D surround sound along with 4K video compatibility, creating a realistic 3D cinematic experience.

Likewise, it reproduces high resolution audio from the most popular music streaming services or from the libraries available to the user (via WiFi, AirPlay 2 or Bluetooth). Listeners can play different music in each room or group all the HEOS Built-in and Denon Home devices together to listen to the same music throughout the home or office. Also, it is compatible with Apple AirPlay 2.

Similarly, it provides the convenience of managing both certain functions and audio through different ways, including voice commands through Alexa. The bar is also provided with a control panel that has a proximity sensor that allows it to turn on automatically when the hand is passed over it, illuminating the controls.

On the other hand, and thanks to a recent update, Denon Home 550 now allows you to use Home 150/250 or 350 speakers as rear speakers or use the DSW-1H wireless subwoofer for more spectacular and deep bass. Also, it is compatible with the HEOS ecosystem for multi-room sound.

Finally, in terms of connectivity, it has two HDMI ports, one of them compatible with eARC (Enhanced Audio Remote Channel) that achieves superior sound quality through a single HDMI connection to the TV, a digital optical input and a port USB to connect memories with song lists.

Denon Home Sound Bar 550 RRP: 649 euros (VAT included)

Denon DHT S-216

With an elegant and minimalist appearance, this ultra-thin and compact soundbar, just 6 cm high and less than 90 cm wide, hides a technology capable of transforming any space into a true sound show. It integrates two drivers for mids, two tweeters for the treble and two subwoofers built into the bar for the low frequencies. Furthermore, it is capable of decoding Dolby Digital and DTS soundtracks.


This is completed by various preset EQ modes optimized for movies, music listening, and night mode.

By using Bluetooth technology, you can wirelessly stream audio from files on smartphones, tablets, or computers. Add to that full compatibility with current HD and 4K televisions via HDMI UHD 4K. At the same time, it quickly connects to the TV and other devices via an HDMI ARC port (with audio return channel) and has a digital optical input and an AUX input.

Denon DHT-S216 RRP: 219 euros (VAT included)

Denon DHT S-316

It also has Bluetooth technology to wirelessly transmit the audio of the files contained in smartphones, tablets or computers. Thanks to the advanced psychoacoustic algorithms used for virtual surround processing, this sound is also reproduced with surround surround effects.

Denon DHT-S316 RRP: 279 (VAT included)

Corporate profile

Today, it is a world-renowned company thanks to its innovative, cutting-edge and high-quality products. DENON has a long history as a provider of technological innovations. A good example of this is having carried out the development and being the first to commercialize PCM digital audio.

* DENON is a registered trademark of D&M Holdings, Inc.

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The return of the long-awaited NYC fair, Salon Art + Design happen this year, at the Park Avenue Armory, marking its 10th edition. Inspiration and Ideas will share the best of this year’s edition, so if you weren’t able to attend the event, this is your chance to catch up with one of the most important fairs in NYC for art enthusiasts.


Tamagawa Norio at Onishi Gallery

A first time for Onishi Gallery at the design and fair, representing contemporary Japanese metalwork artists. Called “The Eternal Beauty of Metal”, the exhibition represented Osumi Yukie’s philosophy. The artist was the first female Living National Treasure in metal art.

Pieter Maes at Les Ateliers Courbet

Best Of Salon Art + Design - Pieter Maes at Les Ateliers Courbet

One of the best debuts at Salon Art & Design was Pieter Maes’s new furniture collection. Sleek, sensual, and fluid pieces were born from the collaboration of the designer with a group of master artisans in Europe using time-honoured techniques. All design enthusiastic got impressed with Maes’s fresh take on timeless forms.

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Steen Ipsen at Hostler Burrows

Best Of Salon Art + Design

Ceramic acquires new meaning with Steen Ipsen’s world. The Danish artist crafts hand-built circular, elliptical, and biomorphic shapes. “Matter and Hand: Ten Artists In Denmark” was one of the standout stars on view at Hostler Burrows in New York. 

Spin Love at Todd Merrill

Best Of Salon Art + Design

This was the result of the work of 15 talented craftsman people, working across different design categories, who each spent more than seven months making different sections, without knowing how the final piece would turn out. Created by Lionel Jadot, the final eye-catching table, titled Spin Love was the centrepiece at Todd Merrill Studio’s booth.

Ayala Serfaty at Maison Gerard

Best Of Salon Art + Design

Ayala Serfaty has kept leaving a mark in the world of contemporary design, crafting conceptual lights and furniture. The Israeli artist present this upholstery chair at Salon Art & Design, which was crafted with layers of finely woven felt and recalls organic forms of nature, like coral or crystalline rocks.


Liam Lee at Patrick Parrish

Best Of Salon Art + Design

You probably didn’t notice at first sight that the dazzling, brightly coloured forms created by Liam Lee are actually made out of hand-dyed, needle-felted wool. The artist examines the tension between the man-made and the natural environment. This exhibition was one of the best contemporary designs presented at Salon Art & Design last week.

Studio Job at R & Company

Best Of Salon Art + Design

R & Company is already known in the interior design world for its extraordinary collectable design pieces This time, that famous gallery presented a series of large-scale, bronze illuminated sculptures by Studio Job, at Salon Art & Design. Modern and traditional techniques come together in Studio Job’s works to produce one-of-a-kind objects.

Silvia Furmanovich’s Design Debut

Best Of Salon Art + Design

Silvia Furmanovich unravelled her design collection, a tribute to the Amazon. The Brazilian artist adapted her signature use of Brazilian wood marquetry in jewellery into a toadstool stool and a side table inspired by a leaf skeleton as well as beautiful vases, bowls, and mirrors.


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The return of Design Miami/ is set to happen next month, from December 1-5. Following last year’s cancellation, this design event goes along with the revival of live art and design fairs. Exploring the theme of Human King, and how design can impact the world for the better, the famous Design Miami returns for its 17th edition, with a new curatorial director, Wava Carpenter. 

The Return Of Design Miami Exploring The Theme Of Human Kind


Instead of the traditional location of the Miami Beach Convention Center, Design Miami/ will be in Pride Park and feature more than 35 gallery and Curio exhibitions to be displayed alongside a lineup of amazing partnerships and collaborations. Besides, the fair will assume a hybrid format, standing between a physical and digital platform. All the artworks exhibited will be available at the fair online platform.

Miami Design District Annual Design Commission Tomorrow Land by Studio Proba
The Return Of Design Miami Exploring The Theme Of Human Kind
Extraño 1, 2021 by Tanya Aguiñiga at Volume Gallery.

The 17th edition of Design Miami/ brings a myriad of reasons for celebration –  from returning to our home in Pride Park to our Human Kind theme, which will look at how design can play a role in shaping the world for the better. As we continue to see the collectible design market grow, in both physical and digital spaces, we’re pleased to also welcome many new members to the Design Miami/ family – galleries, curios and partners – all of which are bringing thoughtful contributions to the fair.

Jennifer Roberts, CEO of Design Miami/

The Return Of Design Miami Exploring The Theme Of Human Kind
Glazed Vessel by Estelle Halper at Moderne Gallery

The practice of design, at its heart, has always aimed to create a better future. But in recent years, as the global challenges that humanity faces have approached existential proportions, the future that designers envision increasingly demands a fundamental reorientation of what it means to be human in this world, calling on all of us to become better stewards of nature and of each other.

Wava Carpenter, Design Miami/’s curatorial director

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The main theme for this year’s edition is Human Kind, connecting to design-led visions for a more equitable and interconnected future. The creative minds operating at ground-breaking design thinking will bring together works, ideas, and presentations to set dialogues about the state of the world, and what direction should it follow. The participating galleries and artists worked to respond to this theme.

The Return Of Design Miami Exploring The Theme Of Human Kind
Karuizawa chair, 1935 by George Nakashima at Moderne Gallery.

Designers and collectors might be trying to find a way to escape from reality, as they create extraordinary forms that evoke another time and place. A rising trend among artists, it can find two expressions: the fantastical (exuberant, vibrant, and surreal), and the primordial (a minimalistic yet striking aura). Objective Gallery will display different artworks, produced by modern artists, exploring this duality.

The Return Of Design Miami Exploring The Theme Of Human Kind
‘The Bedroom’, 2021 by Harry Nuriev at harrynuriev

Ceramics is one of the materials of the moment, working as an ideal medium for storytelling., especially autobiographical and sociological stories, which resonate deeply with audiences in this time of disruption and separation. Design Miami/ will present a stone representation of both contemporary and historical ceramics, with exhibitions by Southern Guild, Friedman Benda, Moderne Galler, Mindy Solomon, and Hostler Burrows.

The Return Of Design Miami Exploring The Theme Of Human Kind
NN Bar Cabinet, 2021 by Khaled El Mays at House of Today

Some of the most famous galleries and artists will also be present at Design Miami/. Thriving in the collectable design market, both vintage and contemporary, masterpieces by Pierre Jeanneret, Charlotte Perriand, George Nakashima, Harry Bertoia, Joaquim Tenreiro, and Verner Panton will be some of the stars of this year’s event, while contemporary highlights are found in works by Daniel Arsham, Katie Stout, the Haas Brothers, and more.

Also, Curio is an exhibition platform that will present a diverse range of 19 curios that question and respond to the theme of Human Kind. This platform is part of Design Miami’s program and invites designers, architects, curators, innovators, and gallerists to present total environments of objects, textures, artefacts, and ideas that challenge and contextualize familiar design narratives.

The Return Of Design Miami Exploring The Theme Of Human Kind
OrtaMiklos Plantasia Tree Lamp at Friedman Benda

Stay with us to know more about Design Miami/

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A bathroom can be your own private spa. This room is often overlooked when it comes to interior projects, but an  Exquisite Bathroom Design is the ultimate luxurious eccentricity. We bring you the best design trends for a sophisticated and elegant bathroom.

Best Interior Design Trends for and Exquisite Bathroom Design

Amy Lau is one of the best interior designers out there! Based in New York City, she creates meaningful environments through an individualized approach, customized to the personality and lifestyle of each client. The designer looks at every interior project holistically, all rooms matter and all details are important. From the warmness of a bedroom to the freshness of a bathroom, Amy Lau creates amazing design inspirations.  

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is new-york-banner-artigo.gif

Amy Lau’s bathroom designs follow a few trends!

  • Nature-inspired elements to provide a more earth-like feeling, this way you feel a greater connection to the world outside. You feel like you’re in your own private oasis.
Best Interior Design Trends for and Exquisite Bathroom Design
Best Interior Design Trends for and Exquisite Bathroom Design
Source: Amy Lau Design
  • The use of colored tiles provide look and the function that many seek in their bathroom designs. Amy Lau usually combines green and blue tiles, reminiscing of an oceanic landscape or perhaps a forest.
Best Interior Design Trends for and Exquisite Bathroom Design
Best Interior Design Trends for and Exquisite Bathroom Design
Source: Amy Lau Design
  • Finally, she creates spaces which are highly customized. A bathroom can become a place of sheer relaxation, a place where you can unwind and live the moment. The interior designer uses bespoke elements in her bathroom designs, and the result could not be better.
Best Interior Design Trends for and Exquisite Bathroom Design
Best Interior Design Trends for and Exquisite Bathroom Design
Source: Amy Lau Design

Boca do Lobo also believes in the importance of a luxurious private spa. A modern bathroom can be so much more than just a functional place, it can be a place of beauty and sophistication. To achieve the perfect look you require a statement piece and exceptional craftsmanship.

  • The Newton Bathtub might be that statement piece you are looking for. Defying the laws of physics, this futuristic piece of furniture represents an outstanding moment of inspiration. A great addition to any bathroom design.
Best Interior Design Trends for and Exquisite Bathroom Design
Best Interior Design Trends for and Exquisite Bathroom Design
Best Interior Design Trends for and Exquisite Bathroom Design
Newton Bathtub
Best Interior Design Trends for and Exquisite Bathroom Design
Best Interior Design Trends for and Exquisite Bathroom Design
Best Interior Design Trends for and Exquisite Bathroom Design
Heritage Bathtub

If you’re looking for a more contemporary look, you can always combine it with this amazing washbasin passionately inspired by music. Handcrafted with the finest materials, this breathtaking piece is of genuine style, ensuring mystery and elegance. The golden details provide an extra luxury touch to your bathroom design.

Best Interior Design Trends for and Exquisite Bathroom Design
Symphony Washbasin

Maison Valentina is an absolut trendsetter when it comes to bathroom design. Their creations are luxurious and, for them, it’s all about the right finishes and decorative elements.

Best Interior Design Trends for and Exquisite Bathroom Design
Best Interior Design Trends for and Exquisite Bathroom Design
Best Interior Design Trends for and Exquisite Bathroom Design
Lapiaz Bathtub
Best Interior Design Trends for and Exquisite Bathroom Design
Lapiaz Freestanding
Best Interior Design Trends for and Exquisite Bathroom Design
Best Interior Design Trends for and Exquisite Bathroom Design
Best Interior Design Trends for and Exquisite Bathroom Design
Diamond Bathtub

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Download our Catalogue FOR FREE and be inspired by unmacthed furniture design!

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Founded in 2009, by Dorothee Meilichzon, CHZON design agency has worked on a large design portfolio of barshotels, and restaurants, that are absolutely breathtaking.

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From Paris, London, and Ibiza, to Monaco and New York, Dorothee Meilichzon has been awarded prestigious prizes such as Designer Of The Year, at Maison & Objet in 2015, and Best 20 Interior Designers by Wallpaper* Power 200 also in 2015.

CHZON is a top French design firm that specializes in hospitality design, and shares a large number of incredible projects such as Hotel Panache and Hotel Paradis in Paris; Compagnie des Vins Bar in New York City; Experimental Beach restaurant in Ibiza; the Elle Decoration Café during Salon & Objet in 2015

Console Table GIF Boca do Lobo

Colour, eccentric patterns, and quirky pieces are definitely a big part of CHZON’s design identity, and the creative process is an absolute wonder due to the settings the agency establishes in every design project. There’s a sophistication concept behind CHZON’design firm, with a touch of Mid-Century and also a rustic vibe that is perfectly established in every design project they embrace when it comes to hospitality design.

Luxury Bathrooms: Meet the Incredible Design by CHZON

The hotel projects are an absolute dream and are embellished with the most bespoke pieces of furniture. Their design identity is easy to observe in every room, whether it’s a luxury bathroom or an incredible bedroom.

Luxury Bathrooms: Meet the Incredible Design by CHZON
CHZON’s founder Dorothee Meilichzon graduated in industrial design in 2004. They also have created the graphic design/branding for such establishments as the Hotel Panache, ECC Lower East Side and the Grand Pigalle Hotel among many others.

L´Chandelier Boca do Lobo

Get inspired by this amazing bathrooms interior designs

A Private Spa Decor by Boca do Lobo

Luxury Bathrooms: Meet the Incredible Design by CHZON
Luxury Bathrooms: Meet the Incredible Design by CHZON
Luxury Bathrooms: Meet the Incredible Design by CHZON
Luxury Bathrooms: Meet the Incredible Design by CHZON

An Imposing Bathroom Design by Boca do Lobo

Luxury Bathrooms: Meet the Incredible Design by CHZON
Luxury Bathrooms: Meet the Incredible Design by CHZON
Luxury Bathrooms: Meet the Incredible Design by CHZON
Luxury Bathrooms: Meet the Incredible Design by CHZON

A Golden Retreat by Boca do Lobo

Luxury Bathrooms: Meet the Incredible Design by CHZON
Luxury Bathrooms: Meet the Incredible Design by CHZON
Luxury Bathrooms: Meet the Incredible Design by CHZON
Luxury Bathrooms: Meet the Incredible Design by CHZON

Modern Bathroom Decor by Boca do Lobo

Luxury Bathrooms: Meet the Incredible Design by CHZON
Luxury Bathrooms: Meet the Incredible Design by CHZON
Luxury Bathrooms: Meet the Incredible Design by CHZON
Luxury Bathrooms: Meet the Incredible Design by CHZON

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Maison Valentina

Luxury Bathrooms: Meet the Incredible Design by CHZON
Luxury Bathrooms: Meet the Incredible Design by CHZON


Luxury Bathrooms: Meet the Incredible Design by CHZON

Stay with us and get to know some of the best interior design projects of CHZON!

Boca do Lobo Catalogue

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Design Limited Edition had the opportunity and the privilege to talk with the amazing and talented Jonh Coury, the co-founder of CM Studio Paris. Together with Florent Maillard, the interior designers give life to timeless interiors, with a taste of French elegance. We had a chance to discover all the details behind his outstanding work, are you ready to find out?

Jonh Coury and Florent Maillard founders of CM Studio Paris.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is WhatsApp-Image-2021-02-03-at-16.37.30-1-1024x244.jpeg

When asked about the studio’s main mission, CM Studio Paris‘s co-founder shared that the goal is “to magnify the life of their customers by designing for them timeless and magical interiors. We want them to feel comfortable in refined environments that will remain perennially fashionable.” 

A Paris Apartment On Île De La Cité
A Paris Apartment On Île De La Cité

Currently working on new and exciting projects, in France, the UK, Croatia, Serbia, and so on, Jonh Coury believes in the importance of social networks, rising in recent years, as a way to promote their work, and to keep a relationship with their audience, that goes behind continents, until Brazil!

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A Paris Duplex In Le Marais

We believe that people are getting really bored with minimalism and that there is a real new interest for “twisted classicism”! “Nothing is more modern than antiquity” used to say Karl Lagerfeld.

Jonh Coury

Timeless interiors that magnify existence through eclecticism and poetry.

CM Studio Paris

French elegance and refinement are probably the aspects that best characterize CM Studio Paris, and what their clients feel more attracted by. “Most of our customers this year are Foreign customers for whom we are renovating apartments in Paris but also big properties in the French countryside and abroad”.   


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When it comes to the importance of craftsmanship, and its quality, Jonh Coury believes it gives them a competitive advantage, explaining why foreign customers are starting to approach CM Studio Paris to realize projects outside of France.

A Paris Duplex In Le Marais

The wonder duo keeps standing out with the most ostentatious and bespoke settings in the interior design world. According to the interior designer, in terms of upcoming design trends, maximalism is the way to go. “We believe that Light, shining metals, natural materials, round shaped furniture, and maximalism will be more and more attractive in the years to come. And CM Studio Paris has a role in promoting those trends to a brand new category of customers.”

A Paris Duplex In Le Marais

All images – courtesy of CM Studio Paris



Garmin Forerunner ® 945 LTE and 55: safety and motivation for all runners

Garmin expands the family of products specially developed for runners with two new watches designed to meet the needs of both users starting in the world of running, Forerunner ® 55, and athletes who demand a multisport product with the highest performance: Forerunner ® 945 LTE.

The latter is an advanced sports watch that, in addition to incorporating the multiple tools and functions that its predecessor already had, now comes with the revolutionary LTE technology so that the athlete can be connected at all times without the need for a mobile phone. that gives you extra peace of mind and confidence during training and the race.

June 2021.- Garmin expands its line of devices for running with two new models: Forerunner ® 55 , to cover all the needs of the most amateur runners; and Forerunner ® 945 LTE , an evolution of the company’s famous multisport watch, which now incorporates new safety features for lovers of triathlon and the practice of various sports disciplines.

Garmin Forerunner® 945 LTE and 55: safety and motivation for all runners

Garmin Forerunner® 945 LTE and 55: safety and motivation for all runners

Forerunner ® 945 LTE

The new version of the Forerunner ® 945 model stands out for integrating the new LTE 1 communication technology , which allows you to have all the security and monitoring functions in real time without the need to carry the phone with you, as well as music, Garmin Pay ™ contactless payments. and topographic maps, all on your wrist. In this sense, the watch allows users, whether training or competing, the possibility of asking for help when necessary and staying connected with their main contacts without the need to carry a mobile phone. Thus, if the user feels unsafe or the sports watch itself detects that an incident has occurred, the assistance and incident detection functions 2 they will send a message with your location to the previously chosen emergency contacts.

In addition, the watch can automatically send the user’s name and location to Garmin IERCC , a professional emergency response coordination center with 24/7 staff available to contact and coordinate with emergency services. emergency or others in order to provide the necessary assistance 3 . Garmin IERCC will remain in contact with the athlete through two-way messages with the watch until the emergency situation is resolved. Thanks to the LiveTrack function, family and friends will be able to follow the route in real time and even see the entire route previously planned by the user. During an activity, users can send updates of pace and mileage to your contacts and receive text messages and audio 4 motivators viewers who are following the activity. In order to use the functions connected to LTE, a subscription plan is required that can be accessed from 6.99 euros per month.

This multisport device allows the user to be ready for any challenge, from swimming in open water to doing long workouts or races. Thanks to it, it is possible to be aware of the training load or, even, of advanced running dynamics, among which the following stand out: cadence, contact time with the ground, stride length, vertical ratio, vertical oscillation and power. It also offers pre-installed full color TopoActive maps optimized for at-a-glance navigation and location tracking and the Climb Pro function , which provides real-time information on the unevenness of the route, which translates into being able to manage the effort along the way. In turn, it is equipped with a Pulse Ox sensor*, which measures the body’s oxygen absorption capacity both for acclimatization to altitude and for better sleep control. To all this, new statistics are added in the intervals and training on the track, taking into account if the runner has gone faster or slower than he had anticipated.

It allows you to download and store up to 1000 songs and synchronize playlists via Wi-Fi from streaming music services such as Amazon Music, Deezer and Spotify 5 and, thanks to Garmin Pay TM 6 technology , make contactless payments directly from the watch.

Finally, it is presented with a somewhat smaller size (44.4 × 44.4 × 13.9 mm) than the previous version, with the same screen and identical autonomy: up to two weeks in smartwatch mode, 36 hours in GPS mode and up to 60 hours in Ultratrac mode. It can be purchased alone or in pack mode with two chest bands (HRM-PRO TM and HRM-Swim TM ), and is available in three colors: black, white and black / yellow (pack).

Forerunner® 55

Compact and lightweight, Forerunner ® 55 is a GPS sports watch for amateur running fans, offering a multitude of features to train, help improve habits and stay connected. Thus, in addition to having daily training suggestions based on training history, fitness level and recovery time, it includes race time predictions and race completion estimates. A watch that goes beyond running, because it integrates the control of multiple sports, bringing as a novelty the HIIT mode , swimming in a pool, virtual running and a respiratory activity profile .

Plus, it’s packed with advanced wellness tracking features like physical age, all-day breathing and stress management, and more. And all this with an incredible autonomy of its battery, which reaches 20 hours using GPS and up to two weeks in smartwatch mode.

It offers different forms of personalization, being able to download screens, widgets and applications through the Garmin Connect IQ TM Store. It is available in three colors (black, white and blue) and, thanks to the Quick Release system for quick extraction, it is possible to change the strap quickly and easily, being able to choose between all the strap options available.

Shared benefits

These two sports watches share various features, among which are the personalization of workouts using Garmin Coach 2.0, which allows you to prepare a race for distances of 5k, 10k or 21k. Specifically, the user has the guidance of three expert trainers and free training plans that adapt to the user and their goals.

Both models have PacePro TM technology , which allows you to plan the strategy to follow on the day of the race by offering a pace guide through GPS based on a route or distance selected through the Garmin Connect TM application . In addition, Forerunner ® 945 LTE, next to the function PacePro TM , provides indications of pace adjusted to the slope throughout the activity, depending on altitude, depending on your rate strategy.

At the same time, they are equipped with GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO simultaneously, which translates into having location with total accuracy via satellite, providing optimum precision even in the most complicated areas.

Similarly, for greater security and assistance during training, they have an automatic incident detector . When activated, and as long as the smartphone is connected to the watch (in the case of model 55), it will automatically send a message (in the event of an incident) with the exact position to the emergency contacts previously established in Garmin Connect. This message can be deactivated if the incident has not been so bad, or it can also be sent manually.

With regard to physiological parameters, they include VO2 maximum 7 , which allows determining how the body is adapting to high altitudes in high altitude sports and expeditions. They also have the Body Battery energy monitor , which uses a combination of stress, heart rate variability (HRV), sleep and activity data to calculate the body’s energy reserves at any time, and thus, be able to plan the day optimizing activity and rest times. And for women, both have from Garmin Connect with the possibility of being able to carry out the monitoring of both the menstrual cycle and the pregnancy.

In short, two new options that will allow any type of runner to fully enjoy their favorite sport and many more, always with safety as an essential element.

All Garmin information

For more information on the characteristics, prices and availability of all its products, as well as its actions and sponsorships, visit the websites , https: //www.garmin .com / es-ES / blog / , , , and

Forerunner® 945 LTE will be available for sale later this summer.

Forerunner® 945 LTE price: 649.99 euros (VAT included)

Forerunner® 945 LTE pack price: 799.99 euros (VAT included)

Forerunner® 55 price: 199.99 euros (VAT included)

1 To use the LTE functions, you must be subscribed to one of the plans offered by Garmin and connectivity to an LTE network. Check the coverage area.

2 See requirements and limitations for security and tracking features.

3 Assistence Plus is not available in all markets where M1 category LTE connectivity is available; check the coverage area.

4 When used with paired headphones, not included

5 May require a Premium subscription with a third-party music service provider

6 Depending on the country, the payment network and the issuing bank

* It is not a medical device and is not intended for use in the diagnosis or monitoring of any vascular or cardiac pathology.

About Garmin

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The entrance to your home is a great opportunity to make the best first impression. A modern entryway is key for setting the tone in any contemporary interior. Here are some exclusive ideas on how to design your luxurious entryway to give your friends and family the warmest welcome.

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Black and white scenarios provide a cinematic mood. Perfect for art lovers, this luxurious entryway, by Laura U Design Collective, offers a place to sit while you wait, whether you are arriving or leaving.


Darker environments are sexy and elegant. If you are a risk-taker, you’ll definitely be inspired by this decor. Take a closer look at the furniture pieces used:




More info: Rug Society

If you are a minimalist, you are used to keeping it simple but always beautiful, right? Your luxurious entryway can be just like that. Choose a nice and big carpet, add some lighting and voila.

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Luxurious Entryway Ideas For Majestic Receptions
Designed by Nina Magon Studio

Speaking of first impressions. How would you feel if you walked into a house that looked like this one? This eye-catching and luxurious entryway will charm anyone who enters this home. And the next question is, what will the rest of the house look like?

Luxurious Entryway Ideas For Majestic Receptions
Designed by Nina Magon Studio


Luxurious Entryway Ideas For Majestic Receptions

A luxurious entryway that looks like an art gallery. Your home can be the ultimate luxury experience and you should definitely start by adding that extra touch to your front entrance.





Luxurious Entryway Ideas For Majestic Receptions
Designed by Benjamin Johnston

Clean and refined. An airy front entrance that is also a hallway and a connecting point between the rest of the rooms in the house. It’s also a great place to hang out or have a quick drink before you leave the house.


More info: Rug Society & Boca do Lobo

A home that welcomes your friends and family with a large mirror and a nice big rug gives the perfect feeling of comfort. Once they enter, they will want to stay forever. If you are a welcoming person and like to invite people over, this is the one for you!



More info: Luxxu

The entryway of your home can be as inviting as a reading nook. A truly luxurious entryway that is anything but ordinary. An authentic lobby where you can welcome your guests in the best possible way.


Sumptuous, but clean and simply beautiful. An entrance ready to stir emotions. No one is ever indifferent to Newton Console.



Which luxurious entryway inspired you the most?

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Richmond International, established in 1966, is known for designing interiors for some of the biggest luxury hotel chains in the world, in locations from London to the Caribbean, earning countless awards in the process. Their design style is authentic, smart and inspiring, combining elements with a sophisticated touch that makes it seem effortless, and as we love their work, we’ll be presenting you Luxury Hotel Interior Designs by Richmond International, which were selected for our annual list of Top 100 Interior Designers.


Stay with us and get to know some of the best interior designers in the world!

On this lobby design at the Four Seasons Hotel in Moscow,  we can see how far Richmond International can push the boundaries of luxury and design, in a mixture of neo-classical and goth styles that looks luxurious and stunning.

Luxury Hotel Interior Designs by Richmond International

Here we can see the charming indoor pool, where floral mosaic patterns contrast with the gorgeous marble textures.

Luxury Hotel Interior Designs by Richmond International

Still in Moscow, but this time with a detail from a hotel suite dominated by perfect symmetry with smart photography centred around the gold ashtray.

Luxury Hotel Interior Designs by Richmond International

A restaurant at the Sandy Lanein Barbados where a strong tropical influence gives it a certain pre-war charm.

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Luxury Hotel Interior Designs by Richmond International

Lobby at The Beaumont Hotel in London, where mid-century elegance is spiced by iconic pieces and glorious flooring.

Luxury Hotel Interior Designs by Richmond International

A luxurious bathroom that’s a modern twist on ancient Roman baths looks absolutely delightful with the marble and mosaics, a staple of luxury hotel interior design.

Luxury Hotel Interior Designs by Richmond International

On the Hotel interior design of the Langham in Chicago, we can see a flawless restaurant room centred by a magnificent, opulent chandelier.

Luxury Hotel Interior Designs by Richmond International

The suite is a hotel interior design perfection, and every piece has the time and space to play its music, like the elements of an orchestra.

Luxury Hotel Interior Designs by Richmond International

Still at the Langham, where a peculiar yellow piano lays on the back and a sleek center table under an opulent pendant lamp illuminates the room, even in broad daylight.

Luxury Hotel Interior Designs by Richmond International

Beautiful hotel interior at the lobby of the Trianon Palace, in Versailles, where elegant tall leather chairs and a modern round watch greet the customers.

Luxury Hotel Interior Designs by Richmond International

On the halfway of the gorgeous luxury hotel, we can see this peculiar round sofa topped by an enormous chandelier design.

Luxury Hotel Interior Designs by Richmond International

The golden restaurant exudes beauty, power, and opulence, while still being simple and charming.

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Stay with us and get to know some of the best interior designers like Richmond International!